Alfa Romeo Servicing, Mot, Diagnosis and Repair


Note about parts supply and cost



We know Alfa's very well and go the extra mile doing all the little extras that even main dealers dont do.

 Alfa Romeos are built around their engines which have a true racing heritage and are designed foremost as a performance engine - Therefore they do require closer care and attention than the average family car. I have a fully equiped workshop and all the special tools and computer equipment needed to get the job done, keeping your Alfa reliable and on the road where it should be.


Our Top Tips for Alfas:

Check your oil regularly and keep it topped up, its vital that it doesn't fall below the minimum mark.

Change the oil regularly, Use a high quality oil of the correct grade, and change it at least every 12,000 miles or once a year if you want your engine to last. 

 The extended servicing intervals that manufacturers have been promoting are causing problems with cars engine's, such as premature timing chain failure, turbo failure, DPF clogging, Multiair failures. This is also compounded by the modern emission control devices fitted to modern diesels such as the DPF and the EGR both of which cause the engine oil to become dirtier sooner. Manufacturers are not concerned with the long term reliability of their products once the vehicle is out of warranty.



It is now illegal to drive a car on the road that has had its emission control equipment disabled or removed, cars with the DPF removed will now fail the mot, and your insurance will be invalid, you could also be fined if stopped by the ministry of transport during spot checks the fine for having a modified or missing DPF can be up to £1000. 

Diesel cars fitted with a DPF are not suitable for running around town doing short stop start journeys, if your driving does not include at least one motorway trip a week then a petrol vehicle would suit your needs better as they warm up quicker and do not have a DPF to clog up.


Timing belt replacement especially on Alfas is a minefield with garages cutting corners and previous owners cutting costs if you have just bought an Alfa and dont have it in writing when the timing belt was last changed you would be well advised to get it changed ASAP. we have also had cars in that have had a cambelt change but the car has been running poorly due to the job not having been done correctly


All timing belt systems consist of belts,  tensioner's,  guide rollers and often the water pump is part of the system,  All of these items wear & should be replaced together failing to do so will result in possible early failure such as noise, seizing, or breakup of any of the components.

>We always use OE quality parts

>We always replace all guide rollers, tensioner and all belts and water pumps where applicable

>We use the correct tools to do the job right


147,156,Gtv,Gt 1.6/1.8/2.0Ts &Jts  Require changing at 36,000mls or 3 years.

147,156,Gt 1.9/2.4Jtd Require changing at 48,000mls or 4years. 

Brera, 159, Giulietta 1.6/1.9/2.0/2.4Jtd Require changing at 48,000mls or 4years.  

159 / Giulietta 1750 tbi Require changing at 48,000mls or 4years 

Mito 1.6Jtdm Require changing at 48,000mls or 4 years. 

Mito / Giulietta 1.4 & 1.4TB Require changing at 48,000mls or 4 years. 


 Timing belt replacement costs


1.6/1.8/ TS 16v Engines     £200 

2.0 TS & Jts 16v Engines   £250 

1.9Jtd/2.4Jtd Engines        £280 

1.9Jtd/2.4Jtd Engines        £280 

1.4 / 1.4 TB                       £200

1.6 / 2.0 Jtdm                    £250

Price above includes a new water pump on all engines which is always recomended.


Please note these change intervals are not Alfas official which in our opinion are too high.




Official Alfa Romeo Timing belt Interval Change TSB