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Engine Oil Facts and advice

We use quality aftermarket oils which meets all manufacturers specifications and is guaranteed to not invalidate any warranty you may have, full details of this guarantee is available on request. 

Please be aware that the Brand of oil used is irrelevant it is the Grade and specification that is important, so why pay more for an over priced oil when you don't have to.

Oil is your engines life blood and it has a hard job to do lubricating, cleaning and cooling your engine, the engine oil level should be checked at least once a month as leaks can develop at anytime, it is your responsibility to make sure you have the correct amount of oil in your engine at all times too much or not enough is detrimental to the life of your engine. 

Modern engines require very specific quality and grades of oil, if your not sure which oil you require for your car please consult your handbook or ring us and we will be happy to advise you on the proper type of oil to use.

A lot of manufacturers are now specifying longer and longer intervals between servicing it's just a gimmick used by manufacturers to make their cars more attractive to potential buyers, but this is a bad thing as there seems to be more and more cases of these cars experiencing engine problems due to these extended intervals. 

Oil gets dirty and contaminated no matter how good the quality is, and when your oil gets dirty your engine gets dirty, oil passageways start to clog up which will reduce the lubrication in the engine leading to wear. We advise people to change their engine oil at around 10,000 mls or every year which ever occurs first, our customers who do this very rarely have any problems.

So if you want you car to last and keep running smoothly and efficiently don't neglect your oil or it could cost you ££££!! Scrimping on servicing and maintenance is more often that not false economy.