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Engine Timing / Cam belts

It is important that you as a car driver know certain things about your vehicle one of the most important things is to be aware that a lot of cars are fitted with a cambelt or more more accurately a Timing Belt this is basically a rubber toothed belt that drives your engine please see picture below to give you a better understanding of what this is.


                   Engine with timing belt fitted                                                           Cross section of a timing belt                               Example of a snapped belt

Timing belts are a serviceable item and only have a limited lifespan, it is your responsibility to know if your car has one of these and when it requires changing. If they are not changed at the specified interval they can, and frequently do snap causing a lot of very expensive damage to the engine.

If in doubt give us a call and we will tell you if your car has a Timing belt and also when it should be changed. If you have bought a second hand car with no record of when the last Timing belt replacement was carried out then for the sake of your wallet you would be well advised to get it changed otherwise you could be in for a very expensive repair bill should it snap.

From experience it is advisable to change your engines Timing belt at 75-80% of its life i,e the manufacturers interval should be treated as an absolute maximum.